Tuesday 21 February 2017

Creepiest audio files

Hey everyone, How's it going? 
Today I have a list of unsettling audio for you. It's not a "top ten" per say, just a list for you to go through (and in no particular order I should mention)
This list contains a couple of 911 emergency calls, so listen at your own discretion. 
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10. Chimp rips woman’s face off (911 phone call)
Some people like to keep unconventional pets, and sometimes those pets attack. 
In the late 2000’s a woman named Sandra Herold in Connecticut made an emergency call for assistance after her chimpanzee (Travis) attacked a friend. 
“It’s ripping her apart! It’s ripping her face off!” she screams down the receiver to the confused operator at the other end. 
Although Sandra gave up all hope of her friend being alive, announcing “She’s dead”, the victim of the attack, Charla Nash, was clinging on to life by a thread. She survived, however she lost both hands and was severely disfigured and blinded by the attack.

09. Old lady Ruth (911 call)
I was pretty disturbed by this clip when I first heard it. 
It was apparently made by an old lady named Ruth, who claimed there was a man snooping around outside of her apartment. While she’s on the line, it seems the intruder gets into the building and attacks her.
Now while I was looking around online for some more information on the call, the audio seemed to be met with some skepticism on the Reddit/creepy sub, but there was a post from an ex-cop saying that he swore the file was used back when he was training and that it apparently was real, although he couldn’t find a source saying so. (read that post here)

08. The weepy voiced killer call.
Paul Michael Stephani was a serial killer from the US who killed 3 people in the eighties (and attempted to kill two more)
He was known as the weepy voiced killer as he would anonymously call to confess to the killings while crying and telling the dispatcher that he couldn’t stop himself.

07. Operation wandering soul
“Operation wandering soul” was a propaganda campaign used by the US military during the Vietnam War. Four minute long ghostly audio files were blasted from the speakers of helicopters to distract the enemy, playing on the Vietnamese superstitious belief of the “wandering soul”, which was basically the idea that any person who did not die in their homeland and was not properly buried would wander around as a wailing ghost forever more.

The idea of the tape was to take advantage of the superstitions of the enemy and scare them into retreat. Some reports state that the tapes consisted of eerie voices, supposed to be that of dead Vietnamese, including women and children begging their fathers or husbands to go home or defect. Supposedly funeral music was also played into the night.  
There's a great post about it here [X]

06. WKCR interruption aka. “The old tape”
In the mid 90’s a college radio station was interrupted (it is also referred to as a “hijack”) with eerie sounds, heavy breathing and a female voice listing off the names of people and various dates.
The backstory to this file is that it was posted anonymously and the OP claimed that they taped it while scanning through radio stations late at night.
It sounds similar to the recordings broadcasted by number stations, but much creeper. I mean obviously I know it’s probably just a joke and not a demon or alien contact, but honestly sitting here listening to this shit alone at night has made my hair stand on end.

07.  The exorcism of Anneliese Michel
This tape has bothered me since I was a kid. For someone who reads, watches and listens to a lot of dark content, I’m quite easily spooked, and the audio tapes from the exorcism of Anneliese Michel is one of those recordings I just can’t listen to all the way through.
I’m sure most of you are familiar with this case, but just in case you aren’t, Anneliese Michel was a young woman who died in the mid-seventies after having an exorcism.
She had a history of mental illness as well as epilepsy, and as time went on began to react negatively to religious paraphernalia as well as having auditory hallucinations and self-harming. She was taking medication for her issues, but eventually her family sought out the help of their local priest who performed an exorcism. She had been rejecting food for a while and her health had deteriorated so much by the final year that she was very underweight when she died. It’s a tragic story of improperly treated illness and the tape is distressing to listen to.

06. “The east area rapist” / “Original night stalker” (aka. EAR/ONS) phone calls
The East area rapist is an unidentified serial killer active between 1978 – 1986 where he murdered several people and raped up to 50+ victims in California.  He would often make contact with the victims via phone before and after attacking them. The following audio file is a call he made.

05. Jonestown cult suicide tape (aka. Peoples Temple Agricultural Project)
This is the full recording of the Jonestown suicide. Although some followers believed in the word of the leader Jim Jones and wanted to take part in the mass suicide, others did not but were held at gunpoint by armed guards and forced to drink poisoned Kool-Aid. Many of the victims were children.

04. Auditory Hallucination simulator
This clip was designed to be listened to with headphones, and gives the listener an experience of what it would be like to have auditory hallucinations. Unlike those who suffer from these types of disturbances, we have the ability to turn the video off.

03. Former employee of area 51 radio station phone call
An unidentified man claiming to be a former employee of area 51 on the run (who was discharged on medical grounds) calls into a radio station to warn listeners about extra dimensional beings infiltrating the military. He sounds terrified and panicked and eventually the call cuts off midway. This call was apparently made to the syndicate talk show, hosted by Art Bell in 1997.

02. Number stations
Number stations started broadcasting at the end of World War 1 and are allegedly used to send encrypted messages or information via the short wave radio stations that broadcast them. The transmissions were difficult to trace and begin with their general pattern of repeating music and pre-recorded children’s or women’s voices, repeating a series of numbers. Often they include tunes, some of which incorporate Morse code.

The broadcasts are usually global, so whichever recipients they are intended for could be anywhere in the world and still be able to tune in. In an interview, Paul Beaumont, one of the co-owners of a radio group who track radio oddities and call themselves “Enigma2000”, said that he thought number stations were most likely some kind of dead hand system: “If a nuclear war was to start, then the message would change, and that’s for the people who need to know, on what to do and where to go” He said. “Something possibly left over from the cold war”. Others think it's a system that governments use to send messages to spies operating outside of their respective countries.

Other examples:
The Lincolnshire Poacher [X
The gongs [X
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Whisky Tango Romeo Veintiuno [X

01. Sleep app recording
This was posted on Reddit /creepy. A woman and her child were the only ones in the house. This recording was picked up on the app.

“What are you doing?” a woman’s voice says
“Nothing” says a male voice. Followed by “That’s them”.
I recommend checking out the original post here [X]

Some people suggest this could have been a home invasion, some believe it’s something paranormal. What do you think?

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