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Jerry Brudos the lust killer

(mentions of murder and sex crimes to follow) 

Jerry Brudos had a difficult relationship with his mother from a very young age. He had been a disappointment to her since the day he was born, as she had always wanted a daughter. 
 She already had a boy and Jerry was an unwanted second.
Young Jerry Brudos found himself at the receiving end of a barrage of cold and abusive treatment as a child and was moved around from place to place, unable to ever really feel settled. 

Jerry Brudos.
(Image source: murderpedia)

He would eventually grow up to be serial killer and necrophiliac dubbed “the shoe fetish slayer” by the media, and would go on to kill 4 women in the mid to late sixties.

By the time he was a teenager he was attacking women in the street to steal their footwear as well as stealing underwear from girls in the neighborhood. He also forced young women to strip at knife-point, taking photographs as souvenirs of his crimes.

Despite being in and out of hospitals for evaluation and having been arrested for various sexual assaults, Brudos found himself a teenage bride. She would not escape his fantasies and would be made to walk around wearing nothing but a pair of heels while her new husband played photographer.
His obsession with shoes started very early, at the age of five, when he found a discarded pair of women’s heels and took them home. Although his angry mother insisted that he dispose of them, he rejected the command and kept them in secret, walking around in them until he was caught and punished.  

Was it possible that his crimes against women were fueled by his abusive relationship with his mother? Those who analyzed him believed so. He told them that he fantasied about having a building full of women in individual cells that he could drag out and torture whenever he felt like it.
 Brudos’ modus operandi was strangulation. He would go out and follow women in the street whenever one of his blinding headaches came on. According to him, murder relieved his symptoms. He also claimed to wear women’s underwear and clothing while stalking his victims.
On a few occasions he even called up various women, claiming to be a lonesome Vietnam veteran in search of a date. This is eventually how he was caught.
During the day time, he was a seemingly ordinary man, a father and electrical engineer, polite in nature.
His wife claimed to have no knowledge of his doings, and told authorities that Brudos would spend a lot of time in the garage, which she wasn’t allowed in without permission. So secretive he was of this private space that he had hooked up an intercom that she would have to buzz before being given permission to enter. 

The reason behind the security measures, was due to the fact that, that’s where Jerry Brudos took his victims in order to strangle, torture and abuse them, all the while turning their ordeals into photo shoots. Evidence shows that he would have underwear picked out to dress their corpses in, in preparation for the acts of necrophilia that he would then later perform on their bodies.

Investigators found the severed left foot of one victim, which Brudos used to model the various shoes he had collected, as well as the same wire and rope that he had used to bind the bodies of the victims that he dumped in a nearby river. A paperweight that he had cast off the severed breast of one woman was also taken in as evidence.

During his time in prison, Brudos relieved his underwear fetishism by leafing through lingerie catalogues.

He died of cancer in 2006.

This page [X] has a detailed timeline of events that you should check out if you're interested.

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