Tuesday, 21 February 2017

The disappearance of Corrie mcKeague

UPDATE: Investigators have just discovered that the weight of the lorry / trash car was more than originally estimated (previously thought to have been 11kg now known to be 100kg) indicating that Corrie McKeague could have indeed been picked up by the vehicle and taken to the landfill that his mother has been urging authorities to search. I believe that the route made by Corries phone correlates with the route the vehicle would have taken from the that spot he went missing. 
A search for his remains is currently in progress. (8th March 2017)

At the time I’m writing this post, Corrie McKeague, a 23 year old RAF gunner, has been missing for 4 months and 20 days. 
Although I’m generally interested in missing peoples cases and write about them here often, this case piqued my interest due to the fact that I used to pass through the area Corrie McKeague went missing almost daily by train at one point.  

He disappeared after a night out in Bury St. Edmonds, Suffolk, England, during the early hours of the morning. The last confirmed sighting of McKeague was recorded on a CCTV camera at exactly 3.25am on Brentgrovel Street. He appears slightly inebriated on the tape, as expected after a night out, which was confirmed by a bouncer at “Flex” nightclub, who had asked him to leave as he was too drunk. The bouncer stated that the 26 year old had not been behaving badly, however he was just simply too drunk to stay at the venue. His girlfriend, 21 year old April Oliver, was unknowingly pregnant at the time and on vacation in the US.

The CCTV trail shows that after leaving the club, Corrie went to his usual takeaway to order food and also briefly fell asleep in the doorway of a shop, which according to friends was something he did now and again when out drinking.

McKeague neglected to show up for work and was reported missing.
One possibility is that the missing man could have attempted to walk back to base which was 12 miles away from the point that he was last seen (it would have taken just under 3 hours for the average person to walk). This is not something that he had done before, however even if unlikely, it is still possible. IF McKeague attempted to walk back to base, it is not out of the realm of possibility that someone may have offered him a ride while driving past him on the isolated roads, and according to his mother, he would have probably accepted a lift from a stranger as well as offered one to someone if he was in the same position.  

Corrie’s Nokia Lumia cell phone is a point of interest in the case as on the same morning it travelled 12 miles North West in 28 minutes, which could only have been accomplished by vehicle. By 8:00am for whatever reason, the phone switched off.  The local police were said to have stopped a trash lorry that day, the phone was not found in the vehicle, nor was the missing man.
The back of the phone was, however, discovered later, but yielded no leads.
Despite a reward no one has come forward with information. The surrounding area, route he may have taken, towns between where he disappeared and where his cell phone last pinged and the woods on the route to the RAF base have all been searched and turned up nothing.

So what happened to Corrie McKeague?

Is it possible that he is a walk away? Most likely not. 
He had made no preparations, left behind a beloved pet and was not picked up on any CCTV, council or private. Obviously it is not impossible that he left of his own free will, but is it likely?

Was he kidnapped? This theory has been batted around due to the fact that Corrie was not picked up on any CCTV leaving on foot. Did he get into a car? Was he forced into one? It’s possible.

Did his job have anything to do with it?

Was he the victim of an accident, like being hit by a car while attempting to walk home?
Corrie is still missing.

A recent news report states that police are currently searching a landfill.

If you have any information, please do not hesitate to contact the relevant authority. 

Creepiest audio files

Hey everyone, How's it going? 
Today I have a list of unsettling audio for you. It's not a "top ten" per say, just a list for you to go through (and in no particular order I should mention)
This list contains a couple of 911 emergency calls, so listen at your own discretion. 
Also! Click "read more" in the bottom left corner of the post to expand the list. 

10. Chimp rips woman’s face off (911 phone call)
Some people like to keep unconventional pets, and sometimes those pets attack. 
In the late 2000’s a woman named Sandra Herold in Connecticut made an emergency call for assistance after her chimpanzee (Travis) attacked a friend. 
“It’s ripping her apart! It’s ripping her face off!” she screams down the receiver to the confused operator at the other end. 
Although Sandra gave up all hope of her friend being alive, announcing “She’s dead”, the victim of the attack, Charla Nash, was clinging on to life by a thread. She survived, however she lost both hands and was severely disfigured and blinded by the attack.

09. Old lady Ruth (911 call)
I was pretty disturbed by this clip when I first heard it. 
It was apparently made by an old lady named Ruth, who claimed there was a man snooping around outside of her apartment. While she’s on the line, it seems the intruder gets into the building and attacks her.
Now while I was looking around online for some more information on the call, the audio seemed to be met with some skepticism on the Reddit/creepy sub, but there was a post from an ex-cop saying that he swore the file was used back when he was training and that it apparently was real, although he couldn’t find a source saying so. (read that post here)

Saturday, 11 February 2017

Jerry Brudos the lust killer

(mentions of murder and sex crimes to follow) 

Jerry Brudos had a difficult relationship with his mother from a very young age. He had been a disappointment to her since the day he was born, as she had always wanted a daughter. 
 She already had a boy and Jerry was an unwanted second.
Young Jerry Brudos found himself at the receiving end of a barrage of cold and abusive treatment as a child and was moved around from place to place, unable to ever really feel settled. 

Jerry Brudos.
(Image source: murderpedia)

He would eventually grow up to be serial killer and necrophiliac dubbed “the shoe fetish slayer” by the media, and would go on to kill 4 women in the mid to late sixties.

By the time he was a teenager he was attacking women in the street to steal their footwear as well as stealing underwear from girls in the neighborhood. He also forced young women to strip at knife-point, taking photographs as souvenirs of his crimes.

Despite being in and out of hospitals for evaluation and having been arrested for various sexual assaults, Brudos found himself a teenage bride. She would not escape his fantasies and would be made to walk around wearing nothing but a pair of heels while her new husband played photographer.
His obsession with shoes started very early, at the age of five, when he found a discarded pair of women’s heels and took them home. Although his angry mother insisted that he dispose of them, he rejected the command and kept them in secret, walking around in them until he was caught and punished.  

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Dennis Nilsen the kindly killer

It's been a while since we had a serial killer post,hasn't it? 
Obviously mentions of death and murder to follow. 

Often referred to as “The Muswell Hill Murderer” and dubbed by the media as “The British Jeffrey Dahmer”, Dennis Nilsen was a serial killer and necrophiliac who killed between 12-15 men during 1978-1983.

Much like the notorious cannibal-serial killer Jeffery Dahmer, Nilsen struggled with his sexuality at an early age and did not confide in anyone around him. He also joined the army and drank in excess to combat his social anxieties.
Another similarity they shared was morbid sexual fantasies involving dead bodies. Nilsen’s fuel for these macabre erotic scenarios were memories from his time in the army and various classical paintings portraying dismemberment and death.

Friday, 3 February 2017

Colleen Stan the girl in the box

Hey everyone.
I recently started re-reading an old book I found called "Perfect Victim" by Christine McGuire and Carla Norton. It's the story of Colleen Stan who was kidnapped while hitchhiking in the late seventies. 
This case really interested me as she was missing for seven years before escaping and it made me think of all the missing persons posts I publish here at RLIH. Sometimes when a person has been missing so long the public kind of gives up hope and tends to lean towards the idea that the person has met their end. In this case Colleen showed up again. 
There's so many aspects to this case, and it's an unbelievable story. I hope Colleen Stan is doing well now. Not sure what she thought of the book, but there is a comment on the Goodreads website from someone who claims to know her personally writing that Colleen felt negative towards it. 
(Also, I know I wrote about this a while back, but I wasn't happy with it so this is the updated post)

Cameron Hooker was an average, mild mannered man with dark, side-parted hair and large spectacles.
If you asked his parents, they would tell you that he was a breeze to raise, co-workers would say he was quiet and unassuming, ask the neighbors and they would tell you that he was just an average married guy who got on with his life and went about his business- at least that’s what they would tell you before his arrest in the mid-eighties for kidnapping a young woman and keeping her as a sex slave and servant.

Cameron Hooker