Tuesday, 26 January 2016

The butchered wife:

52 year old John Perry met his 20 year old wife, Arminda, at a bar during his vacation to the Philippines in 1984.
He was recently divorced and the attention and interest of a younger woman was a welcome distraction from the bitter breakup he’d just been through.
When she told him that she wished he wouldn’t leave at the end of his vacation he told her to come with him. They quickly married and the two lived together in John’s hometown in Wales.

The happiness of their holiday romance eventually faded into jealousy, paranoia and betrayal.
Arminda would not return to their marital home for days at a time, favoring the company of other men over her new 50 something husband.

John felt foolish and abandoned, and suspected his young wife had used him to escape her life back home.

After a particularly long period of absence, a worried neighbor of Perry called the local police to report the young woman missing.

When the police showed up to John Perry’s house and questioned him about the fact that he himself didn’t report the disappearance of his own wife, John bitterly informed them that she had probably just “run off with some other man as usual” and that they were already going through a divorce.

A thorough search of the marital home was not necessary to tie Perry to the crime.
When Police entered to look around bloody tools and knives lay out in the open. A book was open at the anatomy section; bloodied power tools and a hacksaw were set down near the sink.
Two large clear plastic zip lock bags filled with meat were on the floor and the foul stench of death hung in the air. There was more meat in two large barrels in the garage and even more in the trunk of Perry’s car.

John Perry confessed to the murder of his wife but claimed it was accidental. He also admitted that he had fed some of the flesh to his pet cat, Katie. He had told officers before the search that he intended to live alone with Katie and was no longer interested in relationships.

According to the pathologist, the cause of death was a blow to the back of the skull with a blunt object while Arminda was in the bath tub, despite Perry claiming that he had killed her in the living room.

He received a life sentence.

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Trepanning for art:

In 1970, 27 year old artist, Amanda Feilding, filmed and directed a project titled “heartbeat in the brain”.
Feilding was an advocate for trepanning; an ancient practice which involved drilling or scraping a hole, usually into the skull, and exposing the thick membrane known as the Dura mater, to treat problems within the head.
It was thought relieve pressure and often times was performed on people suffering from epileptic seizures and mental illness, as well as people with intense migraines and other problems. 
It was also believed that opening the skull could release demons and evil spirits as a literal medical exorcism.
In the film, Fielding, using a dentist’s drill, drills a hole into her own skull as a literal “opening of the mind”. 
The artist had dabbled in other forms of mind expansion such as meditation and taking LSD, but this was the first time she had decided to physically ‘open her mind’.
Following the procedure, she claimed in a later interviewwith Vice magazine that she just wrapped her head, ate a steak to replace any lost iron and headed out to socialize as usual.
She claims that she did not experience any negative effects, however although  possibly a placebic effect, she did note a drop in anxiety. 

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Am Fear Liath Mòr:

The Grey man, or “Am Fear Liath Mòr” as it is known in Scottish Gaelic, is a tall being completely covered in bristles of short grey hair that has been sighted by hikers and climbers around Ben Macdhui, the second highest mountain in the UK.
Despite being generally thought of as a paranormal creature, the big grey man of Ben Macdhui is often times thought of as Scotland’s answer to Bigfoot, some kind of hominid or likened to by some as a Woodwose or Wildman- a creature found in medieval European mythology and artwork.
The rational theory is that Am Fear Liath Mòr is simply the climbers own shadow, projected magnified in front of them and encircled by a halo of light on the cold misty surface of the mountain. It is generally referred to as a mountain spectre or brocken spectre.

Ada Blackjack, the castaway of Wrangel island:

After the loss of her husband in 1921, a 23 year old Iñupiat woman named Ada Blackjack was left without a dollar to her name. 
She handed over her son to the temporary care of an orphanage and joined an expedition to Wrangle Island, between the Chukchi Sea and East Siberian Sea, serving as a cook and seamstress to the crew.

The team of 5 was left on the island, with the intention of claiming it in the name of Great Britain or Canada- unfortunately for them they were unable to hunt and gather enough food for sustenance after they depleted the rations that they had brought a long with them.
Some crew members attempted to leave the island, never to be seen again, leaving Ada and only one of the men behind.
The man eventually succumbed to scurvy, despite Ada’s attempts to nurse him back to health.
She was left completely alone on the island to fend for herself and survive in isolation in below freezing weather.

She survived as a castaway for 2 years, with only Vic, the pet cat of the expedition, as company.
She fought against freezing temperatures until 1923 when she was eventually rescued by one of the teams former colleagues, a man named Harold Noice, and was hailed “the female Robinson Crusoe” by the media- a fame which she rejected out of embarrassment. 

Although many went on to profit from her story, Ada never did.

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Friday, 15 January 2016

The deliverance euthanasia device:

This post contains mentions of euthanasia, suicide and death. Please select another post to read from the navigation above, or scroll past this content if you find the topics disturbing.
If you are having suicidal thoughts, please contact the one following sources of help.
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Euthanasia has always been a hot debate. Maybe people disagree with the act of ending one’s own suffering no matter how miserable and undignified those last days of life can be. Many believe that throwing away the gift of life conflicts with their religious or moral beliefs. 
Others disagree of course, and believe that it’s a person’s right to die no matter what- Doctor Philip “death” Nitschke is one of those people, and an advocate for euthanasia. In fact, he is responsible for delivering death to four willing people between 1995 and 1996 in Australia.
Nitschke developed a software program called “Deliverance” which ran on a Euthanasia machine. The machine would ask questions that allowed the patient to confirm their willingness to end their lives. Eventually Deliverance would ask:
“If you press this button, you will receive a lethal injection and die in 15 seconds. Do you wish to proceed?”
At the push of a button, the user would receive a lethal dose of Barbiturates through an IV drip in their arm.

These days Dr. Nitschke runs a non-profit organization called “Exit International”, which aims to legalize euthanasia. In 2009 an article in the Guardian (UK) detailed concerns and controversy surrounding workshops the doctor had been holding around England, where he would show people how to die effectively. Through “exit international” he also manufactured a barbiturate-testing kit that would allow people who wanted to end their lives to test their methods and determine that death would be peaceful and effective.
The doctor stated that, by popular demand, the kits are sold on the organizations website, and the correct concentration of barbiturates is shipped without labels from a company based in Mexico.  As an alternative, their website provides a DIY guide.
This sparked controversy across England, and resulted in some of the workshops being shut down to protect vulnerable people from committing suicide.

Exit international has updated their “Deliverance” euthanasia device and came up with a design that requires no special skills to assemble and use. It’s a sort of DIY gas mask, made from a plastic bag and a tube, connected to a canister of pure Nitrogen.  It provides a quick and painless death, which allows the patient to fall unconscious within 12 seconds.
Nitschke believes that in some ways, putting control back in the hands of a terminally ill patient would actually prolong their life.

In 2015 he was banned by the Australian government and began to focus on his comedy career. Full details are available in an article here [ X

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Monday, 4 January 2016

UFO Kao Kala, The Thai UFO group:

Last month I bumped into an acquaintance of mine while at a bar with a couple of friends. He had been carrying a calendar around the whole night and we eventually got curious enough to ask what it was.
Hesitantly, he handed it over, and we took a look. At first it looked like a regular Thai Buddhist calendar, until you noticed that it had meditating women with UFO’s hovering above them, grey aliens and even the silhouette of ET from the Spielberg blockbuster.
He told us that he had just returned from a trip to Nakhon Sawan where he had attended a UFO meeting.

Nakhon Sawan, or “the heavenly city” as the name translates into English, is a province North of Bangkok, Thailand, and home to the Kao Kala Mountain, one of Asia’s biggest UFO hot spots.
In 1998, Sargent major Cherd Chuensamnuan, previously a monk, claimed that he heard an alien voice talking to him as he meditated. Allegedly, the voice brought a warning, telling him that there would be a disaster that would annihilate half of the Earth’s population.

He contacted his daughter, Somjit Raepeth, by telephone and told her about his experience, however was met by skepticism. In retort, she said she’d only believe when she saw it with her own eyes. “Send them over next time you see them” she would add.
Later Somjit would receive a phone call that would shake the foundations of her belief system:
They’re coming over

It was dark outside, Somjit and her sisters walked out onto the porch and turned their eyes to the sky and together they witnessed their first UFO. They described it as a large spinning disk, with a large amber light at the center, encircled by smaller lights around the rim.

Cherd Chuensammuan and his daughters are not the only residents in the area to have made contact with extraterrestrial beings. Many people have claimed to witness eerily silent crafts covered in blinking lights and have witnessed darting lights in the sky.

The UFO Kao Kala group practices meditation in order to make contact with the beings. Some members meditate for up to three hours per day and often do not make contact for upwards of a year. Through regular meditation they finely tune themselves to become human radio’s ready to receive transmissions from extraterrestrials. These messages are usually sub-missions that tie in to the main goal of saving half the Earths populace from devastation.
Somjit claims that the aliens they are in contact with are from both Pluto and a planet named “Lokukatapakadikong” (Loku) which is in another solar system and three times the size of Earth where the aliens get around via “jumping spots” spaced around 5 meters apart. They consume one pill per day as the only food they eat, which is made from a plant on their planet.

Members are often found clad in white, meditating near a statue of Buddha sitting before a Nāga snake at the foot of a hill in area 145, which is said to conceal the gateway to an alien dimension.
The members are trained by Somjit, following the death of her father in 2000. Some members quit their jobs in order to dedicate their time to receiving the alien messages that they say forewarn them of an upcoming disaster.

[ X ] Ufokaokala blogspot    
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Saturday, 2 January 2016

“Sugababe” by Diemut Strebe:

Artist, Diemut Strebe, with the help of a team of scientists, was able to make a 3D print of Van Gogh’s ear, using the DNA of a descendent of the painter. 
Van Gogh was thought to have cut off his own ear after a psychotic episode in the 1800’s, however in 2009 German historians presented a new theory, that fellow painter Paul Gauguin, who was also a fencer, had cut it off with a sword after an argument. They propose that the pair kept it quiet to avoid prosecution as well as to attempt to preserve their tumultuous friendship. 

With the DNA obtained from Lieuwe van Gogh, who is the great-great Grandson of Van Gogh’s brother, Theodorus, Strebe and the team created the piece, which was displayed at ZKM Karlsruhe Museum in Karlsruhe. There is an interactive element to the installation, a microphone that visitors viewing the piece can talk into. 

The sound travels through the Hoagland solution that the ear is suspended in and is translated into a simulated nerve impulse, which is amplified as broken static sounds. The question the piece poses is that of the Greek historian Plutarch’s “Ship of Theseus”, also known as “Theseus’ paradox”; where Pultarch asks “if you replace all the parts of a ship is it still the same ship?” The title is derived from an early 2000’s British pop band named “The sugababes” where the members are routinely replaced over time. 

Noam Chomsky was the first visitor to speak into the ear.