Thursday, 26 October 2017

Paranormal / unnerving Halloween warm up post

Hey everyone! I've made a quick roundup of some previous creepy / paranormal / unnerving posts that might inspire some Halloween spirit. My mega post is on its way. Enjoy for now. 

In Odessa, Ukraine, there are networks of underground tunnels, formed as a result of coal mining, that reach 60 feet below sea level, making it an unimaginably massive underground maze. Needless to say, the tunnels attract the type of tourists who like to dabble in danger, and since it’s common knowledge that the Odessa tunnels have not been completely mapped out, and that the foundations itself is unstable, the Ukrainian catacombs are on the to-do lists of extreme tourists everywhere...sometimes those excursions go wrong (READ HERE)

12 year old Eleonore Zugun was delighted when she discovered coins in the street near her home in Bukovina. She picked them up and purchased some candy at the local store, eating it on her way home. When she cheerfully told her grandmother about her good fortune, an atmosphere fell over the room. The old woman grimaced and scolded the child, “Those were the devils coins” she said “Now the devil is in you”. It was at that moment that little Elanore’s life changed forever. (READ HERE

This is a list of GIFs made from videos of allegedly real supernatural sightings and clips of paranormal TV shows. Some look convincing, some are entertaining. 
Links to the original videos are included in the post.

The elevator game is a game from South Korea (Japan too, so I read) that involves getting into an elevator and pushing the buttons in a particular order. If you successfully complete the steps in the correct order when you exit the lift you'll find yourself alone in another dimension or world. (PLAY HERE)

This post is a collection of what I consider to be some of the most unnerving audio clips online with back stories.
This post will forever be a work in progress that I plan to keep adding to whenever new appropriate clips.

This was the first horror movie marathon I posted last year.
I will be doing an updated version of the list this week, including a post of recommended short horror movies for you to enjoy. 
This post includes both indie and mainstream horror films from the US, Japan and South Korea. 

I've skipped "horror movie marathon 2" on this post because my 2nd list concentrated on Christmas themed horror films (if you're interested in that click here
This list however is once again a suggestion of horror movies old and new which you'll hopefully enjoy.

This is a personal post that documents my sleep paralysis experiences over the years. 

I've tried to remember every episode I've ever had since childhood. 
I also explore the possible reasons for it and describe in the detail the types of characters I've encountered during episodes. (READ HERE)

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