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Real life Ouija board murders, Dorothea irene turley:

I have an Ouija board related post for you today.
I was wondering if there were any cases of Ouija board related deaths in the media when I found out about a case back in the 1930's and thought I'd write about it here. 

It was November, 1933 in Prescott Arizona. Mother and daughter, Dorothea Irene Turley and 15 year old Mattie Turley, were engaged in an Ouija board session in dimly lit room at their family home.
The pair placed their fingers on the planchette as it slid across the board from letter to letter and commanded “Kill your daddy”. It assured them that nobody would find out about it.
Dorothea had instilled a deep belief of the supernatural in her teenage daughter.
15 year old Mattie knew that she must obey the commands relayed to her by the spirit board. She knew she must kill her father, an ex-US naval officer by the name of Ernest Turley, in order to free her mother.
Dorothea had decided that her life should take a new direction. She had grown bored over the years and had her sights set on marrying a handsome and wealthy cowboy by the name of Brent Pearce; she assured her daughter that disposing of daddy was the most efficient way to do it.
Back in the days of her youth, Dorothea was a much celebrated local celebrity. She had won the title of “Miss American Venus” in 1917. The competition had 50,000 contestants, hopeful women and girls from all across the States competing to see who came closest to the measurements of the famous statue, Venus de Milo. Dorothea was almost exact and took the title. Despite her many offers of proposals at the time, she chose to marry Ernest Turley, a handsome and charismatic sailor.
They eloped and had to children together, a son named David, and a daughter, Mattie. Letters of congratulations flooded in, but Dorothea’s fame would finally fizzle out.

When Ernest retired from the Navy, they moved to California for business reasons. Dorothea, no longer recognized in her new town, had become bored and began to dabble with the occult. She developed asthma, which resulted in the family taking a long vacation in Arizona, on advice of a doctor who informed them that fresh air was the best remedy for her ailment.

Up in the mountains of Prescott, Dorothea had regular sessions with her talking board, consulting it about almost everything. She attempted to search for gold on the property, and grew more and more disgruntled with her husband’s inadequate salary.
She enquired about his life insurance policies, asking how to claim the $5,000 payout in the event of his untimely death.

Armed with her orders from the spirit board, young Mattie shot her father twice in the back with the shotgun he had given to her as a gift.
Ernest, believing it was an accident, scolded her about gun safety before telling her to, go seek help.
While he was in recovery, a local sheriff unraveled Mattie’s lies, when he pointed out that the wounds her father had sustained didn’t reflect her statement about accidentally dropping the gun and it going off from 30 feet away.
She broke down and confessed that the shooting was intentional, and that was obeying the commands of the Ouija.

Ernest died the following month, on Boxing Day at a naval hospital.

The handsome, wealthy cowboy, Kent Pearce, despite witness statements from his teenage apprentice and a neighbor that he and Dorothea seemed romantically involved, was not a suspect in the case.

Dorothea was arrested for the intent to murder and sentenced with 15 years – life.
She appealed and was released in 1936.

Mattie was shipped off to a reform school in Arizona, where she would be kept until she was 21 years old.

Ernest is buried at St. Johns cemetery in Arizona.  

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My Sleep paralysis experiences so far:

Hello everyone. I have a more personal post for you today. 
I know it took a while to get to posting this, but it also took more time than usual to write, so sorry about that. Anyways, this is about my experiences with Sleep Paralysis and some information and thoughts on it. It's not as polished as I'd like it to be, and I'm sure I've forgotten a couple of other experiences, but it's been a while since I made a post now, so I'll come back and update again later.
Thanks for stopping by.

The first time: 
My first episode of sleep paralysis was brief.
So brief, that at the time, I didn’t actually associate it with sleep paralysis.
I was a kid and my friend was staying over at my house. 
After my parents had retired for the evening, we had taken our torches, bundled up blankets and pillows and crept downstairs to the living room to set up a camp. We made a tent from the blanket and a couple of chairs and set it up in the alcove of the bay window in the living room, pulling the curtains shut to section off our own little part of the large space. The draped curtains were long and heavy; however they didn’t fully touch the floor and left around a foot of space.
We ate snacks and read scary stories from a book we had and talked about school before eventually falling asleep.

 I awoke without reason, it wasn’t morning yet and nothing had disturbed me.
I stared out into the dark room, my eyes adjusting; it looked exactly the same as it did before.
I stared at the open door, which lead to the front door of the house and also to the second floor.
Basically it was just a little entrance space, with a framed picture of Van Gogh’s Starry night.
From nowhere a head appeared; a male head on an awkwardly bent neck, snaking around the wall to stare into the living room, staring directly at me. The eyes were missing, and instead there were two pools of swirling black.
At the time I thought it was my father, however he was a well-built man and the Pre-world war 2 house had its original and incredibly creaky staircase. Nobody could walk up or down those stairs undetected. I hadn't heard anyone approach. It was dead silent with the exception of our breathing.
I convinced myself it was my dad, but the elongated neck, the gauntness of the face, the swirling eyes and the tall height that it was at, screamed otherwise.

I backed up away from the gap in the curtains, moved closer to my friend, closed my eyes tightly and must have eventually fell asleep.
The next morning my father opened the curtains and jumped back in shock to find us there in our makeshift tent. He laughed and asked us how our adventure was.
From the shock we initially gave him, I didn’t even have to ask if he was the one checking up on us last night.

I was scared and nervous throughout my whole childhood following that episode of sleep paralysis.
I was very much into ghosts and vampires and loved scary stories and scary TV shows, but I never enjoyed them in the same way again after that. I didn’t know what sleep paralysis was and I insisted that our house was haunted. I slept with the lights on every night, much to my parent’s annoyance. They eventually bought me some night lights and I continued my routine of using them well into my teens.

Return of the swirling eyed man:
I experienced the head with the swirling black eyes one more time, around a year after the first time I’d seen it.
This time I “Awoke”, stood up and left my room, walking to the hallway, past my parent’s room, in order to go downstairs for whatever reason. They had their door open as it was an uncharacteristically hot evening. My mother had her back to the door; however my father was lying on his side, facing the open door, with the blankets pulled up, so only his head and part of his neck was sticking out. His eyes were open, but they weren’t his regular hazel eyes, they were big, black pools, swirling in the sockets.
I eventually woke up in reality, and crept out into the hallway to peer into their room. They were sleeping deeply, my father slack jawed and snoring.
Strangely, their previously closed door was now open, and it hadn’t been earlier in the evening. It was small coincidences like this that made the sleep paralysis experiences feel as if they were real.

Door to another dimension: 
The next episode was years later.
I was staying over at a friend’s place. He lived in this huge, old, four story house (including the basement and attic) which he shared with his girlfriend and another housemate.
I slept in the basement, which had a couch, a mattress, some pillows and a blanket, as well as the house PC.
I chose to stay in the basement because it was far away from the others and I really needed some alone time. It was also home to the PC and the kitchen was also down there, so I could cook the food I had brought with me, as I would be staying for five nights, at the end of which I’d make the five hour journey back to my city.

Honestly, it was pretty spooky down there, and to make matters worse, my friend and his house mates were all hippies, who at night time, had me carry a candle around in the dark to conserve electricity. So if I ever needed the bathroom, I’d have to stumble around the darkness with a candle in this old fashioned brass candle holder that would only stay lit if you walked at a snail’s pace. I looked like something out of an Edgar Allen Poe book.

A couple of nights into my stay, I was sitting on the couch in the basement, with a torch balanced and propped up on the arm of the chair reading a zine. I had found a box of them in the corner and had been slowly making my way through the pile I’d selected each night. I was reading a zine on living for free, dumpster diving and whatnot, if I remember correctly.
A small square of light formed in the darkness in front of me in the center of the room.
It expanded until it was the size of a generic door and looked as if someone had cut a square into the atmosphere that lead directly to another dimension. It was full of bright, blinding light and made my eyes hurt.
It slowly came towards me and went from being amazing to terrifying in 0.5 milliseconds.
I tried to move. I couldn’t. I struggled. Nothing. I felt as though I was about to be engulfed into this nowhere land. I would fall into this world of blinding light and vanish without a trace. No-one would ever see me again.
I woke up.

This episode wasn’t as terrifying as the swirling eyed man, but it was the first time that I’d seen something that didn’t resemble a living character.
It was also the first time that I was unaware that I’d actually fallen asleep in the first place.

In the morning I noticed the door separating the basement room from the kitchen allowed a significant amount of light through the flimsy privacy curtain that was hanging in front of it, and wondered if that’s where the inspiration for that particular episode came from. Maybe I registered seeing the door the previous night and it crept into my dream.

I later told my friend and his housemates, who seemed in awe of my experience and thought it was “Awesome”. His girlfriend showed me passages from some guys self-published book on how to lucid dream and how she’d been trying to do it for so long. When I told her I was able to control my regular dreams she was amazed and said that it was rare and that she wished she could do it do.
I believed it was normal and had never imagined people would try to induce this kind of thing. Then again they were spiritual hippies and often dabbled in drugs recreationally in order to open their third eyes and see the unseen, so…

The book directed the reader to pretend they were some kind of druid in a white cloak riding a white horse in a land of white. It was ridiculous in my opinion but each to their own. I didn’t dream of white horses and Tolkien fantasy lands, I dreamt of demons and monsters and remnants of the Catholic upbringing I’d tried so hard to forget.

In the know: 
I read up on sleep disorders and eventually found a chapter on sleep paralysis.
I discovered that as a self-defense mechanism, neurotransmitters in our brains send signals to shut down our major muscles when we sleep, in order to paralyze our bodies and make sure we don’t physically act out our dreams.
This explains how we’re unable to move beyond twitching and blinking during an episode of sleep paralysis.
Sleep paralysis itself is an overlap of states; a sleeping state and a waking state. During an episode, our bodies are still paralyzed by the sleep state but we are also aware of being awake, meaning the visuals, emotions and audio of our dreams seep into our waking state, causing a hallucination that we are unable to identify as a non-reality.
Basically, everything we experience feels 100% real. As a result of this, while it is happening, we have no indication to believe that it is anything other than reality.

Business time: 
It was during a visit to my parent’s house that I had my next episode; I was tired from the journey and fell asleep in my childhood bedroom. I was sleeping on my side, facing the wall, dreaming of landscapes or something. I remember this particular dream was like the opening scene of a big budget movie, where the camera rushes, birds-eye view, over tree tops and cities before finally homing in on the main character of the film, sitting in a coffee shop in small town somewhere.
I woke up and opened my eyes.
Suddenly, impossibly, there was a face level with mine; a head.
It was a man’s head, and he was red with anger. He was wearing a suit and tie. Well at least as far as I could tell. He had a white collar and a tie around his neck.
He opened his mouth; this huge, big, black, cavernous mouth and screamed a deafening, earth shattering scream.
That’s when I really woke up. My heart was pounding in my chest, but the episode was so brief that I just shook it off as a bad dream and went about my life.  

Yellow eyed shark toothed demon possesses a friend:  
My last episode was by far the most terrifying, although it was a couple of years ago now.
I had just moved into a new apartment. I hadn’t furnished it yet and was sleeping on a makeshift bed, since I hadn’t bothered to buy a real one. I was sleeping sideways again, low to the ground, on a sheet covered mattress with blankets and pillows. My friend was sleeping next to me with his back turned.
I was dreaming about an old neighborhood and it was all in hues of amber and burned orange, like a sort of seventies film.
I woke up and recognized my surroundings as the new apartment; everything seemed in order, or disorder, as I hadn’t unpacked anything.
From out of nowhere a man appeared. Just as with the man in the suit, he was sideways on, as if he was laying parallel to me, mirroring my position. He smiled, a big open mouth smile, and to my horror, his huge, once again, cavernous mouth was filled with overcrowded sand shark teeth.
I remember this image vividly, as my biggest fear is sharks. Even pictures of them make my heart race.
His eyes were shining yellow, his skin was dull grey and scaled. He opened his mouth of needle teeth and bellowed and screamed a deafening, demonic lion roar.
I struggled and struggled and woke up.
I sat bolt upright and turned to the shape of my sleeping friend under the blankets, who still was sleeping with his back to me.
I shook him to wake up but he was unusually unresponsive, so I shook him harder, eventually pulling him by his shoulder, over onto his back.

When I leaned over to look at his face he was laying there with his eyes open, they were vacant and staring up at the ceiling. He was smiling with a closed mouth and looked almost under the influence.
To my horror, his eyes flushed yellow, scales crawled over his skin and his teeth turned to needles. His head then flopped to the side and made eye contact with me.

I was suddenly back on my side in my original position, and he was back in front of me again, mirroring me, but this time with his hand pushing down on my head to keep it on the side to look at him. I felt sharp nails digging into my scalp and temple. I remember trying to thrash and struggle and turn my head, I remember the muscles in my neck contorting under the stress.

The yellow eyed shark toothed demon man leaned in closer and closer, screaming deafeningly until his face almost touched mine. It was chaotic, like there was a storm in the room. I managed to raise an arm up as a last act of self-defense and he sunk those teeth deep into the it.

I woke up; jolted into a sitting position like a bolt of lightning had shot through me.

I was too afraid to attempt to wake my friend again, who was sleeping with his back to me.
A couple of minutes of shock passed when I decided to warily shake him. He woke up drunken with sleepiness and confused by how terrified I was acting.

All day I was wildly paranoid that someone around me would suddenly turn into some kind of monster and that I’d wake up.

I was afraid that I was stuck in an infinite loop of these episodes and began having some sort of existential crisis. Maybe my life was just one big episode of sleep paralysis and I’d wake up as an 80 year old in a retirement home somewhere, having done none of the things I’ve done and knowing none of the people I know. I was rattled, alright.

The strangest part? My arm hurt all day. The muscle felt twisted and knotted up inside.

Of course I rationalized it; I’d slept on it or something, probably.

By now I knew about sleep paralysis, but strangely had not connected it to what I had been experiencing until someone explicitly told me that’s what was happening to me. That didn’t make the experience any less scary. They creep up on you and you don’t realize it’s happening until you wake up and it’s over. At least that’s how it was for me.

 I thought sleep paralysis was the classic “Old hag” staring at you or the shadow man sitting on your chest choking you. Not severed heads with swirling eyes, yellow eyed shark toothed demons or doors to other dimensions.

Alien abductees: 
I was interested in the link between the sleep disorder and alien abduction stories, as both things generally occur when a person is sleeping and could pass as the same thing. I decided to look up a few alien abductee stories to see if there were more similarities that could tie into sleep paralysis.
Typing “my alien abduction experience” in to Google I selected one of the links of the first page.
In this account the author writes that he’s had alien visits since he was four years old.
All of his episodes were whilst he was sleeping. There are no mentions in his brief summary of events of physical traces or evidence of the visitation; however he does mention that his mother apologized to him when she found out that he was also being visited by alien beings, as she also experienced the same thing.

I did a search to determine if sleep paralysis could be heritable, and found an article by with a quote from a psychologist from Sheffield University in England who was involved in study of sleep disorders.

"The main thing we've learned is [sleep paralysis] appears to be heritable, and there seem to be some genes influencing sleep and wake patterns involved"

This story really does tick all of the boxes of a classic sleep paralysis episode. However the author of the alien story is either not aware of the sleep disorder or has not considered it as an explanation before. 
This type of reoccurring sleep paralysis is referred to as RISP (recurrent isolated sleep paralysis) and is significantly rare. Usually sleep paralysis episodes happen only once, or a handful of times in person’s lifetime, although people with RISP may have sequential reoccurring episodes that make the hallucinations seem more real.

The author of the alien visitation story reports the first episode being in the 90’s, which was the era of the X-files franchise and all things alien and sci-fi.  There was a significant boom of trashy tabloid articles on abductees and entire families claiming to be abducted during that time, as well as UFO sightings and extra-terrestrial themed magazines trying to cash in on the craze. Maybe those images stuck with the author of the post since he was a child and he’s feared them more than anything since, which is why he keeps seeing them in his episodes.

That’s my journey with sleep paralysis so far.

As always, I've found a few  links if any of you are interested in further reading:
The Entity [ X ] This is a Channel4 (UK) Documentary containing reconstructions of a group of sufferer’s episodes. It is immensely creepy and also explains sleep paralysis depictions in art and literature throughout history.

Reddit Thread on Sleep paralysis [ X ]
NHS Information page [ X ]
Live Science article [ X ] “What makes sleep paralysis scary”
Sleep Education info page [ X ]

 I will continue to update this as time goes on. I felt it was long enough for now.
Thanks reading this far if you did!

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Tragedy at Santika:

It had been the 1st of January 2009 for only 35 minutes when tourist and local party goers alike, bringing in the New Year at Club Santika in Watthana, Bangkok, found themselves engulfed in flame and fire.

Only half an hour earlier they had celebrated the count down and danced to the live band, a local covers band ominously name “burn”.
There was only one way out, the main entrance door, and tragically many were trampled in the stampede of customers rushing to escape. Some even passed out before they could attempt to do so, from inhaling the fumes from burning plastic.
Horrifying photos and videos from the scene show the charred bodies of those who were not lucky enough to get out, stretching towards the exit, frozen in a scream.
Although police blamed the lead singer of “Burn” for the incident, claiming that he was using fireworks indoors, witnesses claim that nothing other than sparklers were used that night.
Substandard safety regulations like lack of alternative exits and one only small fire extinguisher present for the entire building, as well as lax attitude to building regulations, contributed to the death toll.
66 people died as a result of the Santika club fire, and 222 were injured.
The letters from the sign on the front of the building were burned away, all but two, the letters “KA”, which, morbidly, is the word for “kill” in Thai.

The final wave:

Seattle native, Christian Pilet, a member of the ABWE, was doing relief work in Thailand after the 2004 tsunami devastated the Khao Lak tourist town of Thailand, when he found a damaged digital camera.
He discarded the camera but kept the memory card and uploaded the files to his computer.
After searching a missing persons website he recognized the couple as a Canadian couple, John and Jackie Knill, and upon return to the US drove from Seattle to Vancouver to hand over the memory card to the couples sons.
The last photo on the camera shows the wave just before it hits the beach.

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Where is Zebb Quinn?

Zebb Quinn has been missing since the 2nd of January 2000. He was 18 years old at the time of his disappearance and resided in Ashville, North Carolina where he worked at a Wal-Mart.
At 9pm, after what would be Zebb’s final shift, a surveillance camera recorded Quinn approaching the parking lot, where he met a friend, Robert Jason Owens.
The two drove off in their separate vehicles with the intention of going to view a car that he was thinking about purchasing.

Further down the road, fifteen minutes later, a gas station surveillance camera captured what would be the last living image of Zebb Quinn.
Owens claims that Zebb signaled for him to pull over and said that he had to respond to an urgent page that he had received, and proceeded to make a call at a pay phone booth. Acting paranoid, he said he suddenly had to go and rear-ended Owens vehicle with his own while speeding away.

Some hours later, Robert Owens was treated at a hospital for a head injury and fractured ribs. He claimed he had gotten into a second car accident that night, however failed to file a report about the incident with the police.

The pager call was traced back to Quinn’s aunt, Ina Ustich, which was registered to her home phone.
Quinn was not close to his aunt and had only began to recently communicate with her a week before his disappearance. When questioned, his aunt claimed to be at dinner with a woman named Tamara, who happened to be the mother of Quinn’s love interest, a girl named Misty. 
Misty’s allegedly abusive boyfriend, Wesley, was also claimed to be present. Ustich contacted the police that same night to report a break in. She said nothing had been stolen from the house, however she noticed that a few framed photographs were out of place.
According to Quinn’s parents, he referred to Misty as his girlfriend, and had done so for a few weeks up until his disappearance. Wesley had allegedly threatened Quinn but the couple denies any role in the missing teen’s case.  

A couple of days after Zebb Quinn had been reported missing; a man called the Wal-Mart where he worked, Claiming to be him and called in sick due to illness. The voice did not match that of Quinn’s and was traced back the Volvo plant where Owen’s worked. He admitted to being the person who placed the call and said he was doing it as a favor to his friend.

Two weeks passed before Zebb Quinn’s car showed up parked outside of the hospital his mother worked at, indicating that it was put there by someone who knew the family. There was a live mixed Labrador puppy inside (which was later adopted by an investigator), a jacket that didn’t seem to belong to Quinn, a hotel key card that investigators could not trace back to the source, and various drink bottles.
There was a pair of lips drawn on the back window of the car.

Forensic testing of the evidence did not lead anywhere.
Fifteen years later Robert Jason Owens was arrested for the murder of Cristie Schoen, who was pregnant at the time, as well as the murder of her husband J.T Codd.

He is still a person of interest in the disappearance of Zebb Quinn.

(Sources: Wikipedia, charley project, )

The Devil's dollars:

“Dale was basically, I don't know if the correct word is wizard but he was basically the second in command as far as the coven went. He had actually the firstmost power, but there was one power more stronger than his. Randy Moore was, like I said, basically first in command. He had the white magic which was the power to manipulate people.” [ X ]

In 1984, 19 year old self-proclaimed Satanist and black magic master, Dale Flanagan, murdered his doting grandparents with the help of 5 friends, Roy McDowell, Randy Moore, Johnny Luckett, Tomas Akers and Michael Walsh, in order to receive their insurance and his inheritance.

Carl and Colleen Gordon were found dead at their home on the 6th of November 1984. Carl was shot times in his head, chest and back. His wife had been executed by three shots to the head.

Flanagan and Moore, supposedly the two highest ranking members of the coven, received the death penalty. 
Dale Flanagan is currently ondeath row, where he reportedly now claims to be a devout Christian and the son of God.
Randolph Moore is also on death row, despite his appeals,the death sentence remains upheld.

The Devil's Daughter:

Kimberly Goyita was only 13 years old when she murdered her 11 year old sister in front of their family’s apartment on February the 2nd, 1981.
Goyita fired two shots from her Step-father’s .32 caliber pistol into her younger sister, before calmly walking back into the house and returning the firearm to the dresser drawer in her parent’s room.
The Californian teen claimed that “The devil made her do it”.

As reported in an issue of the Palm beach post in 1981, Goyita was said to have watched the 1976 horror cult classic “The Omen” when she was younger, and had become fanatic with the antagonist, Damien, who in the film, kills his family members one by one when they discover that he is the anti-Christ.

Kimberly reportedly had numerous copies of “The Omen” books, as well as copies of the sequels to the movie in her room. She claimed that she believed she was a boy, often using the name “Damien Thorn” as an alias, and said that she was the son of the devil.

A star news article published the same year alleged that Goyita’s mother was believed to have lied on the witness stand; when asked if it was true that she had told friends and family that Kimberly spent a lot of time in her room, performing black magic rituals over black candles and barking and growling like a dog, her mother denied the allegation.

Goyita took a photo of her sister before killing her. She then took two photos of herself, clad in black, following the murder.

World weekly news quoted an unnamed friend of Kimberly’s mother, who claimed that Kimberly had once told her mother that if she were to “Do away” with her and her sister that she’d get away with it, seeing as she was underage.

She was awarded with an involuntary manslaughter charge for her crime.  

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Fingers in the dumpster:

On February 2nd  2012, at Kukui gardens, Honolulu, six fingers cut off at the knuckles were found in a dumpster outside of a housing complex.
Examination and DNA testing determined that the fingers belonged to a female child between the ages of 2 and 4. The ethnicity of the child could not be determined by examination of the severed fingers alone, and it is unclear if they were severed from the body of a living child or a cadaver.

The fingers were discovered by a local woman who had been rummaging through the dumpster in search of plastic bottles and cans; when she found them she originally believed them to be ginger root, however on closer examination she noticed the finger nails, and promptly turned them over to local police.
The woman is not a suspect in the case.
Despite an anonymous tip off line for members of the public to call with any information leading to the identity of the child, no one has come forward.
No other body parts belonging to the same child have been discovered since the original 2012 report.

If you have any information don’t hesitate to contact: Crime Stoppers at 955-8300.

(Sources: Huffington post, k5, nfv )

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Michael Thomas Gargiulo the chiller killer- Unknown victim or a lucky escape?

Michael Thomas Gargiulo, also known as “The chiller killer” and “The Hollywood killer” is an alleged serial killer suspected in the deaths of over 10 women.
Currently at the LA county jail awaiting a capital murder trial, Illinois native Gargiulo was allegedly responsible for the 2001 murder of American actor Ashton Kutcher’s then girlfriend, Ashley Ellerin. She was stabbed a total of 37 times in her Hollywood home.

 He is also allegedly responsible for the murder of Tricia Pacaccio, an 18 year old neighbor, back in his Glenville home town in 1993. She had been also been stabbed 17 times at her home.

Between 2001 and 2008 Gargiulo was accused of three murders, all of whom were female and neighbors of his, earning him the media given nickname “The boy next door killer”.

He is suspected to have murdered up to ten women, and a recent discovery of a series of photos  found on the suspected killers hard drive of him with a mystery woman sparked concern for her safety. A detective working on the case admitted that the unknown woman looks similar to some of the previous victims.

She has not yet been identified.

Death do us part:

In 2012, Surin, Northern Thailand, 28 year old Chadil Deffy married his deceased girlfriend at a joint wedding / funeral ceremony.

The couple had been together for 10 years and planned to marry when Deffy completed his studies at university, but fate snatched away his girlfriend, 29 year old Sarinya Anne Kamsook, when she became involved in a car crash.

Although with swift medical help Sarinya could have survived, she died as a result of her injuries following a six hour wait at an already crowded intensive care unit.

Chadil Deffy documented the wedding and uploaded the photos to a facebook album titled “Corpse bride” as well as posting a video of the ceremony to youtube.

(Photo and article sources: Asiaone and Odditycentral)

The Lipstick kiss:

On the 18th of October 1997, in Kendal, UK, the bodies of a father and son were found at the scene of a car crash.
The two were identified as John and Conner Lee, who were on their way to visit family at the Lake District. The crash was ruled as accidental with no foul play involved. However, during a post mortem examination of 14 year old Conner, investigators found a fresh lip-stick kiss at the corner of the boy’s mouth.
Analysis confirmed that the kiss had been left there a week and half – two weeks after the boy had died.  Further forensic testing revealed the brand of the lipstick was of a popular drug store brand most popular with teenage girls at the time, but the person who put it there, was never identified.
The mystery of the lip stick kiss remains unsolved.

Photo and news source: BBC

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

The Brandt family secret:

On September 15th 2004, at a house in Central Florida, the hanging, decomposing body of Charlie Brandt was discovered.
Police arrived on the scene to discover the bodies of Brandt’s wife, Teri, who had been stabbed to death with a knife from the kitchen while lying on the couch, and the decapitated body of Brandt’s niece, Michelle Jones, in her bed. Jones had been disemboweled and had her heart and other organs removed. Her severed head was sitting next to the body.
The house was locked from the inside, so the suspicion fell on Charlie Brandt, who was proved to have murdered the two before committing suicide.
A friend of Michelle Jones had spoken with her earlier that evening and was informed that she shouldn’t come over to the house, as the Brandt’s were intoxicated, had been arguing and weren’t good company to be in.
Described by all as being mild mannered, a loving husband and an all-around good guy, nobody could believe what Charlie Brandt had done.
Shockingly, this was not the first time Brandt had murdered.
On the 3rd of January 1971, at the age of just 13 years old, Charlie Brandt had shot both his father in the back while he was shaving in the bathroom and killed his pregnant mother as she bathed in the bathtub. He then went to his sister’s room and put the gun to her head, pulling the trigger. However the gun was out of bullets. His fifteen year old sister escaped after calming him and telling Charlie that she loved him and wouldn’t leave him, before fleeing from the house.
Brandt then calmly walked next door to inform a neighbor that he had shot his parents.
Despite evaluation at the time, he apparently showed no signs of a diagnosable mental illness and the motive for his crimes was unknown.

Brandt had showed no previous signs of violence or conflict in his life and claimed to love his family and spoke highly of them.
Since he was only 13 years old at the time of the murder, he was too young to be prosecuted in the state of Indiana.

The incident became a grisly family secret, which the kept for years.

Following the incident in 2004, police looked into previously unsolved cold cases and linked Brandt to some of the crimes. He was linked to the murder of a homeless woman, Sherry Perisho, in 1989, who just like Brandt’s niece, had her head severed and heart removed, as well as Darlene toler, a woman working as a prostitute in 1995 who was killed with the same modus operandi.

During a search of Brandt’s home investigators noticed something on the back of the couples bedroom door; a poster illustrating the female muscular and skeletal system. Despite not being in the medical profession, books on human anatomy were sitting on a bookshelf in the home, one of which contained a newspaper clipping of a labeled illustration of the human heart. 
Charley Brandt had a subscription to “Victorias secret” magazine, and chillingly, always referred to his niece by a nickname he’d given her, “Victoria’s secret”. 
An analysis of his computer turned up erotic websites related to sacrifice, violence and necrophilia.
Investigators believe that Brandt was obsessed with his own niece and had premeditated the murders.
26 cold case murders have been linked back to Brandt.

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Satanic slayings in the land of smiles

(Images blurred for Gore. Violent content in article) 

 The lead vocalist and bass player of Thai metal band “Surrender of divinity” was only 36 years old when he was brutally stabbed to death in his own living room while his wife and child were upstairs. 
Samong Traisattha, informally known as Avaejee, was murdered by Prakarn Harnphanbusakorn, who dropped by his house in Sai mai, Bangkok, under the pretense of silk screening some T shirts and having a couple of beers.
 Samong’s wife left the room to put their child to bed and returned to a bloody murder scene. He had been stabbed a total of 30 times. 

Self-proclaimed “Satanist”, Prakarn Harnphanbusakorn, who went by the Facebook username “maleficent.meditation”, posted an update on his page confessing to the crime, along with a gory photo of his handy work. 
In a wall of text he confessed that the reasons he committed the murder weren’t relevant, as he was planning to commit suicide. However he did go on to elaborate that the reason for the slaying was because Samong wasn’t a real Satanist. Harnphanbusakorn claimed to have real faith in the Devil and admitted the he was going to kill 30-50 more people, but his plans were foiled by the police check points that had been set up around the city. 
He described his actions in detail, commenting on how much better it is to kill with a knife than it is with a gun. Although the media reported that Harnphanbusakorn was a fan, he denied it and along with the comparison to the death of John Lennon, and claimed it was nothing of the sort and that he didn’t even like the band. He finished off the post by thanking those who had read it in its entirety, and said that he hoped to be with Satan soon. 

Prakarn Harnphanbusakorn is currently in prison serving a 20 year sentence.